Sharing Christ to Berowra


Visit from Adrian and Anita Lovell.

Adrian and Anita (with Matias at times) visited St Marks in the last week of March. They spoke at our Missions Dinner, Adrian preached at our 3 Sunday services on 24th March, and Anita presented the children’s talk at the 10AM service. They were also involved in visiting a number of ministry groups during the ensuing week. We enjoyed getting to know the Lovells better, and being encouraged by God’s work in South America!

Missions Dinner

The Missions Committee hosted a Missions Dinner on Saturday, March 23. Mike Woodall and Peter Routh prepared some delicious curries (and butter chicken for those with more sensitive taste buds). Bec and Memo Gomez and their helpers decorated the hall beautifully. Funds raised went to support the work of FBC. We heard from Adrian and Anita Lovell, Andrew and Tanuja Carson, Mike Woodall, Jo Hooworth and Jim Wright about various mission work around the world.