Sharing Christ to Berowra


E3 is our youth group for high-schoolers.

It’s on on every Friday night of the school term from 7pm-9:30pm. We meet at Berowra Anglican Church (18 Berowra Waters Road).

The most important thing we do is learn about Jesus and help young people grow in their faith. We want to do that in the most fun and exciting way possible. We hang out, play some awesome games, enjoy delicious supper, go on great outings and run 2 camps a year.

We have about 40 youth attend each week, and 10 adult leaders. The cost each week is $2 For Supper.

What’s on at e3: Here are some special upcoming events!

In term 4 year 6 joins us!

We invite year 6 to join us during term 4 each year. This helps them get to know each other and build great friendships before beginning high school. If you’re in year 6 come along and invite your friends! The first night you can come is October 19th.

Nov 16th – Ten Pin Bowling Outing

Meet at Berowra Train Station at 6:30, Finish at Berowra Train Station at 9:45pm – Bring $22, an opal card (with $3.50 on it) and a signed permission note. Pick up a note at youth or download it here.

Nov 18th – Big Camp Band Reunion at 6pm church

Our Big Camp Band this year was rockin! So we’re having a Big Camp Band reunion at church on Sunday the 18th Nov at 6pm. They’ll be playing some of the new songs we sang on camp, and there will be other big camp/e3 things happening too. This is a great night to come back to church if you haven’t been in awhile!

Nov 22nd – Breakfast club

It’s breakfast, it’s $2, it’s at the church before school with friends and leaders from e3! Come along for eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, cereal and more from 6:30am-8am.

Dec 14th – Epic end of year party

This is the final night of youth group for the year and it’s going to be HUGE! Cost is $20 for jumping castles, sumo suits, karaoke, delicious dinner, mariokart, Lolli shop, and much much more!

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