Sharing Christ to Berowra

Kids Church Online

Kids Church Online is moving to using Quiz Worx Home Delivery to provide faithful bible teaching to you kids during this strange time.

Each week at you can find Discussion Questions, Activity Sheets and Game and Craft suggestions all relating to the Kids Talk shown in church that week. Also included is some short family devotionals to help your child dig deeper into the bible throughout the rest of the week.

It is my prayer that this program will help the kids of St Marks to continue to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus throughout this time.

Discussion Questions + Family Devotions
Activity Sheet Ages 2-4
Activity Sheet Ages 4-8
Activity Sheet Ages 9-12
Craft and Game ideas

Link to the Kids Talk
Link to Memory Verse

Link to Digging Deeper Bonus

FROGS – the FROGS material for this week has now been prepared.

The PDF for the craft and lesson plan is here –

The link for the video is –