Youth Group

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E3 is our youth group for high-schoolers.

It’s on every Friday night of school term from 7-9:30pm. We meet at the Anglican Church in Berowra.

We hang out, play games, enjoy supper, but most importantly, we learn about Jesus and help each other to grow in our faith.

Cost $2 For Supper.



What’s on at e3: Here are some special upcoming events!

Jul 6 – Club night

Each year group does it’s own thing this night. Different Times and locations for each group.

Notes are posted on our facebook page (here)
Yr 7 boys and girls, and yr 8 boys  are going to Laser Tag.
Yr 8-9 girls are going to see the Incredibles 2
Yr 9 boys are going to Putt Putt Golf
Yr 10 boys and girls are going to see the Incredibles 2
Yr 11 and 12 boys and girls are having a retro night at the Church.

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