Kids Games FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions.


What time does KidsGames start and finish?
Every Morning your children will need to be checked in between 8:45 and 9 am. They will then need to
be picked up at 1pm and their name checked off a list by their discussion group leader.  When you check
in each morning, your child will receive a name tag with their Group Number and Elective. They will then
go into the Main Hall and sit with their discussion group and leaders.
What happens during KidsGames?
Every day the kids sing songs, usually that relate in some way to what they are learning, play some
games, hear a talk given by one of our leaders, join in discussion groups with other children their own
age, play games in the hall or some sport on the oval and engage in the elective activity they have
chosen.  We also provide a delicious morning tea for them every day.
My child has special needs, can you provide for them?
We love all the kids who come to KidsGames and do our best to provide them with what they need for
who they are.  If your child has specific needs, then please let us know on the Registration Form, if you
would like to talk to someone about your child’s needs.  Please call our church office on 9456 4498 and
we will find the right person to help you.  We want to do all we can to help your child have a great week
at KidsGames.
What if we cannot make it on Sunday?
That’s fine, unfortunately that will mean that your child will not be able to play a role in the drama that
will be prepared in the Drama Elective or perform the Dance, but as long as you let us know it shouldn’t
impact their time at KidsGames at all.
What is the Age Range for KidsGames?
KidsGames is for those in Years 1-6 at school.
If you have other questions email us at <> and we will get back to  you as
soon as possible.  We look forward to seeing you at KidsGames.